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Smart Candle – Frequently Asked Questions

Do the candles flicker?

Yes, our candles have a slight flicker to mimic a real flame effect. We have tried and tested our candles to ensure the safety of the flicker with those who suffer from photo-sensitive epilepsy. Some of our candles also have a steady flame option which allows you to change the flicker to a steady light which can be useful for those who do not wish to have a flicker.

Does the candle get hot if left on for a long period of time?

No, the candle is lit using LED technology which is a non-heat generating form of light known in the trade as an LED candle.

Do the candles come with batteries?

All of the Smart Candle products are supplied with batteries, however some of the Luminara candles are NOT supplied with batteries.

Are any of the candles able to be used with a remote control?

We currently have 2 types of candles which are remote control enabled;  Luminara Candles  and our Rechargeable Evolution Induction Tea Lights.

Are any of the Smart Candles waterproof?

We do have a range of Smart Candles which are waterproof. Our Battery Operated Outdoor Silicone Wax candles have been designed specifically to be able to withstand the elements including high and low temperatures as well as heavy rainfall, due to their sealed silicone outer. We also have the Induction Rechargeable Tea Light candles which are also completely sealed so are completely waterproof and are a great alternative to the Silicone Wax as they are so versatile!

Is it possible to preserve or prolong performance of rechargeable candles?

Yes, you can preserve the performance in the flicker. Treat your candles as you would your mobile phone. That is, periodically allow your rechargeable candles to completely discharge and then fully  recharge Do the candles come with a warranty? All of our candles apart from the SC2601 Moving Flame bulb come with a 1 year warranty. Due to the design of the Moving flame bulb we cannot produce a warranty for this product.

Where can I get replacement batteries for my battery operated candles?

The batteries used in our Smart Candles are available in most supermarkets;

Can I buy replacement parts for my rechargeable candle sets?

Yes, we sell replacement candles, charging trays and chargers for all of our rechargeable sets. Please see our SPARES section for a full range of our replacement parts.

Smart Candle – 12 Month Guarantee

We offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our products! If your product is faulty, just contact our office (as long as it is within 12 month from the purchase date) and we will be able to either try and help you over the phone, or you can send the candle back to us and our quality control team will be able to have a look at the product for you.

What We Do Cover

All faults which may arise from manufacturing defects are covered by our 12 Month Guarantee.

What We Don’t Cover

Even though our 12 month guarantee covers a vast amount, there are a few exceptions to this…

  • Any products purchased from us which has been modified or tampered with in any way
  • Batteries
  • General Wear and Tear
  • Items Misused
  • Accidental damage
  • The use of non Smart Candle Power Supplies / Chargers with our Smart Candle Rechargeable Sets
  • Using the candles in an inappropriate way, not in accordance with our warning guidelines

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About Us

We are an Exclusive Distributor of Smart Candles in Greece and Cyprus. We brought to market in the late 90s the first ever LED Candle. Since then, well it has somewhat grown.

Smart Candle product range in unparalleled. Which is why we are lucky enough to work with the some of the biggest brands in the world.

What makes you different to the rest of your industry? Every product that leaves our doors has been made in OUR OWN FACTORY. We can offer a guarantee on our products not just as a enticement like the rest but because we actually guarantee the quality is of the highest order and this can be accredited.

We appreciate that you can buy elsewhere. However are you confident in buying a product which lacks quality – we say buy well buy once. If you need any advice whatsoever please just contact us and we will provide any information you could possibly require, i.e. Colour Temperature, Light Emission Information, Certification.

People occasionally ask us about competitors, unfortunately for them, we operate in a whole different ball park. That is not to say we disregard competition, we are aware of more details on them than they would probably care to give up.

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